olivier van herpt’s 3D printed ceramics at design academy eindhoven

Published on September 2, 2016 by Scot

olivier van herpt’s 3D printed ceramics at design academy eindhoven

over the years, the design academy eindhoven in the netherlands has established itself as an interdisciplinary school for art, design and architecture. this list of renowned alumni from all areas of the creative industry who began their career within the institute include nacho carbonell, studio formafantasma and maarten baas. what sets the design academy eindhoven apart from other educational institutions is its eclectic programs that each inherently push the students to use creativity and imagination to solve problems that are inflicted in today’s society.
each year during dutch design week (DDW), the design academy opens its doors to present the large and diverse array of projects of its recent graduates. among those represented at the 2015 edition, is olivier van herpt who showcases his ‘functional 3D printed ceramics’. a student of the ‘man and activity’ course, van herpt’s copper and earth colored vessels were first featured during this year’s milan design week at ventura lambrate, and have now been chosen as one the recipients of the 2015 design academy’s ‘keep an eye grant‘- an award of €11 000 given to four promising graduate whose product development displays the highest social relevance, financially supporting these individuals to take their innovative work further, and help kick-start their career.


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